Trump Intern Says the Interns Don’t Actually Have Access to His Twitter Account

So remember how yesterday Donald Trump said it was an intern who accidentally insulted Iowa on his behalf and not him? Well, it appears interns may not actually have access to The Donald’s Twitter account.

This is the tweet that got so much attention:


And this is how Trump explained away that attack on Iowans’ intelligence:

And leaving aside the weird phrasing of “accidentally did a retweet,” a Trump intern today actually spoke to the International Business Times and said that the interns don’t have access to his Twitter account:

As an intern for the internal headquarter campaign, we do not manage or in that case have any access to Mr. Trump’s personal twitter. From my understanding and what I’ve been informed of by my superiors is that Mr. Trump’s tweets and twitter responses are done by him personally. All email accounts, however, associated and endorsed by the Donald J. Trump for President Campaign are managed by interns and other associates within the organization.

This all begs the question of whether Trump is the one sending out his own tweets. Well, here’s what a WaPo profile of his media handler says:

On his plane, Trump flips through cable channels, reads news articles in hard copy, and makes offhanded comments. He’s throwing out his signature bombastic, sometimes offensive tweets. Hicks takes dictation and sends the words to aides somewhere in the Trump empire, who send them out to the world.

Mother Jones investigated the matter last month and basically concluded that he occasionally tweets himself, but by and large it’s others tweeting for him.

Ultimately it may not matter, since either way it’s kind of expected that the Twitter feed of the leading candidate in one of the two major political parties doesn’t just go retweeting random insults against the people of an entire state.

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