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Trump Launches Fresh Broadsides Against ‘Failing/Fake’ News

Is it too early to say ‘so much for General Kelly?”

Over the weekend, reports emerged that the new White House Chief of Staff was imposing military discipline on President Trump’s famously unruly West Wing. That influence even reportedly extended to the general getting to vet some Trump tweets to make sure the president doesn’t accidentally launch a global crisis.

So that’s encouraging — kind of.

The grown up in the room approach, however, it seems does not extend to the media.

On Monday the President launched into a (so-far) seven-part tweetstorm. While he mostly lauding his accomplishments and warning skeptics that his coalition was growing, he took some pointed shots at the “failing” New York Times — and the “fake” everyone else.

And here they are.

Now that first shot at NYT is almost certainly a jab at a report from the paper suggesting that Vice President Mike Pence was quietly building a coalition for a 2020 run should Donald Trump be unwilling (or unable) to stand for reelection.

Pence — for obvious reasons — strongly denied the allegations almost immediately after they came to light. Trump’s tweet was likely a vote of confidence for his veep.

And that second tweet, likely general frustration at what Trump feels is insufficient attention devoted to his legislative successes.

Who knows.

Failing and fake media may be John Kelly’s devil’s bargain in exchange for reigning in everything else.

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