Trump on Michael Flynn: ‘I Think He’s Been Treated Very, Very Unfairly’ by the ‘Fake Media’

During today’s joint news conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Donald Trump was asked about the Iran nuclear deal and if the resignation of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn will hamper the treaty when it comes to preventing Iran from becoming a nuclear state.

Immediately, the president took the opportunity to stand up for Flynn while slamming the media.

“Michael Flynn, General Flynn is a wonderful man,” Trump said. “I think he has been treated very, very unfairly by the media. As I call it, the fake media in many cases.”

He added that he believes leaks to the press are criminal.

“I think in addition to that from intelligence papers are being leaked, things are being leaked,” the president stated. “It’s criminal action, criminal act, and it’s been going on for a long time before me, but now it’s really going on.”

Trump continued to say this was all a cover up by Democrats over Hillary Clinton’s “terrible loss” and once again said Flynn had been treated “unfairly.”

Watch the clip above.

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