Trump on Russian Election Interference: If It Happened, Why Didn’t Obama Stop It?

Republican Senate leaders are expected to unveil their health care reform bill today, though it would seem President Trump has something else on his mind this morning.

Trump’s first tweet references the testimony that former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson gave before the House Intelligence Committee on Wednesday. When asked about why Barack Obama‘s administration took so long to describe foreign attempts to interfere with the 2016 election, Johnson pointed to concerns about declassification and the optics of taking sides during the election.

Johnson also hit the Democratic National Committee for declining his department’s help in defending their networks from cyberattacks.

In past months, Trump has slammed his predecessor over the ongoing investigation’s into Russia’s election-meddling. Trump’s tweet also comes at a time where his administration is facing questions about whether the president accepts the conclusion from multiple intelligence agencies that the Russian government involved itself during the election.

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