Trump Rages in Anti-Muelller Tweetstorm: ‘Big Time Conflicts of Interest’ That ‘Destroyed People’s Lives’


After taking a three-day break from criticizing the investigation led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, President Donald Trump returned Friday morning to using his Twitter account to attack and undermine the Mueller probe.

Trump’s tweets come on the morning of what many are expecting to be a big news day for the investigation into collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian interference into the 2016 general election.

Mueller’s office has a Friday deadline to detail the accusation of Paul Manafort lying to investigators and breaking his cooperation deal. Additionally, the special counsel’s office and federal prosecutors in Southern District of New York are providing sentencing memos for Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen. These documents should detail how Cohen cooperated in multiple investigations.

The Commander in Chief tweeted:

Trump’s tweetstorm introduces some new plotlines and characters in this unfolding story. First of all, Trump claims that he does not know conspiracy theorist and conservative writer Jerome Corsi, who claimed to be refusing a plea deal with Mueller because he refused to perjure himself as Mueller directed.

There was no substantiation to that claim, however, and Corsi has also claimed to have gotten to know Trump through their mutual interest in “birtherism.” Both Trump and Corsi seemed to believe that Barack Obama was not born in the United States. Corsi published a book titled Where is the Birth Certificate. 

There is also the introduction of Andrew Weissmann (who Trump misspelled as Weissman.) Weissmann is a US Attorney working in Mueller’s investigation and has been described by the NY Times as Muellers’ “legal pit bull. ”

This most recent tweetstorm seems to be just another example of Trump’s “the best defense is a good offense” approach, though reasonable people might also see the diminishing returns of such a tactic on full display.


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