Trump Rallygoers Completely Trashed a Cemetery When Using it as Parking Lot

Donald Trump has professed his love for the poorly educated. He has spoken out about how much he respects the vets. He has even recently started defending the unborn. It turns out that he and his supporters might have a little more newfound respect for the pre-existing people of the earth than the post-existing ones within it, though, since a recent Trump campaign rally used a cemetery for parking and totally trashed the place.

The East Lawn Memorial Gardens in Bloomington, Illinois, has at least 12 damaged headstones now, according to WICS News.

A local resident with two family members buried in the cemetery, Charlotte Twyford, told The Bloomington Pentagraph the following:

Headstones were broken out there. Throughout the day, we kept seeing and hearing reports from the cemetery, and it just kept getting worse and worse and worse. It just shows that some people had a total disrespect for the graves and they need to be prosecuted … [Cemetery officials] have been great to work with, but the damage is done. It just crushes me and tears me apart.”

Other locals have been using the incident as a way to make some political points.

Nothing says, ‘I’m a trump supporter’ like parking on other people.

Posted by Billy Crackel on Monday, March 14, 2016

[image via screengrab]

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