Trump Reportedly Reiterated Unsubstantiated Voter Fraud Claim in Meeting With Congressional Leaders


donald-trump-1There are multiple reports tonight saying that President Trump reiterated his past statements on millions of illegal votes cast during a meeting with Congressional leaders.

CNN, The Washington Post, and Politico are all reporting this tonight, citing sources who say Trump repeated this claim:

Politico’s report says Senator John Cornyn confirmed Trump said this today, adding, “I didn’t pay a lot of attention to it. I was ready to move onto some policy issues. I didn’t anticipate that discussion.”

And WaPo‘s report features this quote from House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy:

“We talked about different electoral college, popular vote going through the different ones. Well, we talked about going back through past elections. Everyone in there goes through elections and stuff so everybody’s giving their different histories of different parts.”

There has been no concrete evidence to back up the claim of millions of illegal votes, something CNN’s Jake Tapper highlighted in this tweetstorm earlier tonight:

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