Trump Responds to Bush’s Insults: ‘He’s an Embarrassment to His Family’

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 2.13.43 PMToday, Donald Trump called in to Wolf Blitzer‘s show on CNN to respond to insults hurled at him by Jeb Bush on today’s Morning Joe on MSNBC. Bush has been following his mother’s lead and increasing attacks on Trump over the past few days, even taking to Trump’s preferred medium of Twitter today, which must have been the last straw.

There was no shortage of colorful responses from Trump today, either. He responded to Bush’s tweet dismissively, claiming, “I’m not a whiner; I get stuff done.”

Switching back and forth between defensive and offensive, he scoffed, “He’s a stiff. He’s not a guy who can be president. He doesn’t have what it takes.”

He went on to say that Bush is “an embarrassment to his family,” though, “He doesn’t even use his last name in his ads.  He’s a sad person who has gone absolutely crazy.  He’s a nervous wreck.”

After commenting on Bush’s failed campaign, calling him “certainly … the least talented of the governors” in the running, and pointing out what he perceives as Bush’s weak debate skills, Trump commented, “He should speak much more positively.”

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