Trump Rips ‘Loudmouth, Partisan, Political Hack’ John Brennan: Will Go Down as ‘Worst’ CIA Chief in History

Oh look, more of this.

After going on a tangent lamenting the supposed censorship of conservatives across social media, President Trump took aim at John Brennan again. This time, he called Brennan a “loudmouth, partisan, political hack” who will surely be known as the “worst” CIA director in history.

In case you missed it over the last few days, Trump reignited his war with the intelligence community by revoking Brennan’s security clearance and making threats to take it away from several of his other foes. Critics have interpreted this as a ploy by Trump to silence his critics, and the president recently said he made this decision because Brennan is, in his view, partially responsible for the Russia “witch hunt.”

Despite losing his security clearance, Brennan made it clear that he has no intention of toning down his harsh criticisms for the Trump administration. Last night, he said Trump was “drunk on power” during an interview with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, and he also ripped congressional Republicans for repeatedly excusing the president’s conduct.

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