Trump: Romney Wanted My Endorsement So Badly, I Could Have Said ‘Drop to Your Knees’

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 2.29.21 PMDonald Trump fired back at Mitt Romney Thursday afternoon, calling him disloyal failure of a candidate, who was so desperate for Trump’s endorsement during his 2012 presidential run that he could have told him to drop to his knees.

Trump offered a rejoinder to Romney’s speech Thursday morning, which blasted Trump as an inadequate “fraud.”

“I’ll just address [the speech] quickly, ’cause it’s irrelevant,” Trump said, before embarking on a disjointed, highly distracted response that lasted over 25 minutes, in which he touted his various triumphs, invoked the Wall, and heaped copious abuse upon Romney.

Trump said that Romney was a “failed candidate” who “failed horribly” in 2012 — the same year Trump offered him his endorsement.

“I backed Mitt Romney,” Trump said. “I backed him. You can see how loyal he is. He was begging for my endorsement. I could have said ‘Mitt, drop to your knees.’ He would’ve dropped to his knees.”

Trump also credited himself for Romney’s decision to “chicken out” of the 2016 race, saying he was “afraid of me.” He also called Romney a “choke artist,” the same snub he’s lobbed at Marco Rubio.

You can also watch Trump’s full speech above.

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