Trump Says He ‘Won’t Be Completely Self-Funding’ General Election Campaign

donald-trumpDonald Trump has made a big deal about completely self-funding his primary campaign (even though he hasn’t), but in an interview today he said that he would not be self-funding his general election campaign against (presumably) Hillary Clinton.

Trump told The Wall Street Journal, “I’ll be putting up money, but won’t be completely self-funding, as I did during the primaries.”

He said his plan is to make his campaign into a “world-class finance organization” to make sure he has the resources to fight Clinton, even if it means embracing the special interests he has so often decried on the campaign trail.

Trump also said this on NBC Nightly News tonight:

“We’ll try to raise over $1 billion, which is what’s going to be necessary. I hear the Democrats maybe will get as high as $2 billion. But we want to raise up to $1 billion, maybe even over that. I’m not even sure that’s necessary because I have a big voice.”

He indicated that he’ll be working with the RNC to raise all that money. So I guess they will have treated him fairly after all…

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