Trump Says He’s Not Flip-Flopping After Campaign Manager Retreats From Mass Deportation

trump8Kellyanne Conway might have tried to give her boss some wiggle room on his tough immigration stance this weekend, but it seems that Donald Trump has no interest in changing one of his platform’s core components.

Reports have emerged over the past few days, suggesting that Trump shied away from deporting undocumented immigrants en masse during a meeting with a Hispanic advisory council. When asked about whether this was true and whether Trump would abandon his idea for a “deportation force,” the chief of the Trump campaign said on CNN that a mass deportation policy was “to be determined.”

The Trump campaign has denied moderating it’s prominent position, and Trump himself appeared on Fox & Friends to tear into Buzzfeed after their report started the whisperings.

“We have a lot of people that want to come in through the legal process. We’re working with a lot of people in the Hispanic community to try and come up with an answer,” Trump said. When Steve Doocy asked if he was flip-flopping, Trump emphatically said, “I’m not flip-flopping.”

“We want to come up with a really fair but firm answer, it has to be very firm, but we want to come up with something fair.”

Watch above, via Fox.

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