Trump Scolds House GOP for Prioritizing Vote to Weaken Ethics Office


trump76President-Elect Donald Trump is chiding House Republicans and saying they have bigger things to work on than taking power away from the Office of Congressional Ethics.

On Monday, GOP representatives passed an amendment that would strip the ethics watchdog of its capabilities to launch independent probes and make public statements about their findings. Today, after tweeting about his discontent with the Affordable Care Act and General Motors, Trump decided to air his disapproval of the move.

During a Tuesday morning press junket, Trump senior advisor Kellyanne Conway seemed defensive about yesterday’s vote. Conway said she didn’t talked with Trump about it ahead of time, but she argued on MSNBC’s Morning Joe that the vote could enhance transparency when dealing with congressional ethics concerns.

The vote has drawn from criticism from other conservative figures, seeing as Joe Scarborough called it a “horrific misstep” and Republican leaders discouraged the vote before it took place last night.

UPDATE: 11:27 a.m. EST Trump’s future press secretary Sean Spicer talked about the vote with reporters, and he elaborated on Trump’s tweets.

UPDATE: 12:32 p.m. EST Shortly after Trump’s tweets, the House GOP decided to Follow Ken Meyer (@KenMeyer91) on Twitter

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