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Trump Shoots Back at Report He Watches Eight Hours of TV: ‘I Never Watch Don Lemon’

It was only a matter of time before President Donald Trump got around to commenting on Saturday’s New York Times story, which alleged that he watches up to eight hours of television a day, often tweets from bed and cannot be counted on to make it to work before 9:30 a.m (sometimes in pajamas.)

Trump wrote a reasoned essay as a rebuttal against the venerable newspaper, filled with verifiable facts and devoid of emotional outbursts and bizarre capitalization choices.

Just kidding. He tweeted!

A few things about this rambling diatribe of a tweet, which makes full use of the 280 character limit.

Despite Trump’s best efforts to brand the New York Times as “failing,” or perhaps because of them, the publication has seen their subscription numbers soar. Their yearly digital revenue is nearing a cool $1 billion and the company recently announced they now have 3.5 million paid subscribers, twice as many as two years ago.

Also, per the president’s proclamation that he does not watch “4-8 hours of television” per day, it must be noted that the story he is referencing is old — it dropped on Saturday — and was covered on cable news networks extensively this morning. In other words, in all likelihood, he saw it on the boob tube, became enraged and then tweeted about it, seeming to prove many points from the Times profile he is contesting.

There’s also the little matter that President Trump is busy calling CNN anchor Don Lemon the “dumbest man on television” as New York City is reeling from a potential terror attack, with a would-be suicide bomber being thwarted near Times Square at the Port Authority bus terminal.

And, finally, for the love of all that is holy, can somebody please teach him the basics of proper nouns and capitalization? Our nation’s weary copyeditors are popping Xanax by the truckload.

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