Trump Slams His Own Supreme Court Nominee: ‘I’ll Criticize Judges’

Donald Trump wants you to know he has no plans to stop attacking federal judges.

“The courts are not helping us, I have to be honest with you. It’s ridiculous,” Trump told an audience at National Republican Congressional Committee Dinner, Tuesday. “Somebody said I should not criticize judges. OK, I’ll criticize judges.”

Though the statement was classic Trump, it was an extraordinary moment given that the “somebody” Trump was referring to was his own Supreme Court nominee, Judge Neil Gorsuch.

During his grueling 10-hour confirmation hearing, Gorsuch repeated his discomfort with presidential attacks against individual federal judges.

“When anyone criticizes the honesty, the integrity, the motives of a federal judge, well, I find that disheartening, I find that demoralizing,” he said.

Gorsuch also defended his judicial integrity telling Senator Patrick Leahy that “No man is above the law.”

Trump has a long history of attacking judges who defy him. During the campaign, he suggested the judge overseeing the Trump University lawsuit was unsuitable to serve because of his Mexican heritage. He also disparaged the federal judge who stayed his travel ban as a “so-called judge”

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