Trump Slams Pundits, Fumbles With Football Terminology in Patriots White House Ceremony


After months of discussion about who would attend, 34 New England Patriots players appeared at the White House on Wednesday for a ceremony honoring their Super Bowl victory in February.

President Donald Trump congratulated the team on their remarkable victory — which seemed all but impossible when the Patriots trailed 28-3 the Atlanta Falcons in the game’s third quarter. The President used the occasion to again slam “pundits” for predicting an incorrect outcome, just as so many did in the 2016 election.

“With your backs against the wall,” Trump said, directing his remarks to the team. “The pundits — good old pundits. Boy, they’re wrong a lot, aren’t they? — Saying ‘you couldn’t do it,’ ‘the game was over,’ you pulled off the greatest Super Bowl comeback of all-time.”

Trump also made an awkward reference to a key Super Bowl decision made by New England coach Bill Belichick. With the Patriots trailing 28-9 and less than 10 minutes remaining in the game, Belichick opted to kick a field goal rather than go for the touchdown on fourth and goal from the 16 yard line — which would have been a longshot. In referencing the coach’s call, Trump didn’t technically say anything incorrect. He just didn’t use terminology a football fan typically would.

“And then the coach said, ‘Let’s go for three,'” Trump said. “He’s losing by so much. He said, ‘Let’s go for three.’ I said, ‘What is he doing?’ That was a great decision, coach.”

Football fans wouldn’t normally say “go for three.” They might say “kick the field goal,” or “try the field goal,” or “take the field goal,” or even “take the three.” But “go for three” is a bit unorthodox — though, granted, it’s not quite as cringeworthy as some other sports references made by politicians.

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