Trump: Some GOPers Would See a Person Dying Outside a Hospital and Say ‘Let ‘Em Die’

donald trump noises supercutDonald Trump told Sean Hannity today that some Republicans would, when presented with someone dying outside a hospital, say, “Let ’em die.”

Trump talked to Hannity about coming around on certain issued before bringing up his health care position. On ABC’s This Week yesterday, Trump said that he doesn’t think Cruz has a heart because he’s attacking Trump on health care and all Trump wants to do is just Make Americans Great Again.

Today Trump said there are people who desperately need care and “you can’t let em die in the streets.” He clarified that he does think “Republicans have a big heart and they understand this.”

However, he did say that regarding the concept of a person dying in the street, “Some Republicans would say you cannot touch that person, let ’em die.”

Trump declared if that loses him votes, so be it.

Hannity slightly objected to Trump’s characterization before moving past it.

Listen above, via The Sean Hannity Show.

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