Trump Sounds Off on Rosie, Jenner, Cosby and More in Feisty Hollywood Reporter Interview


In addition to covering Time magazine this week, Donald Trump also finds himself on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter for an extended interview with Chief Creative Officer Janice Min that touches on a large number of media and entertainment figures.

Speaking to Min from his office, Trump characteristically resisted the urge to hold back, giving his honest opinion of everyone from Megyn Kelly and Rosie O’Donnell to Brian Williams and Bill Cosby. Below are the highlights.

On the possibility of doing Megyn Kelly’s show:

Unlikely, but it could happen. They wanted me to do her show, but I’m not looking to do that. I know it’s good show business, I know it’s good for ratings, but that doesn’t matter.

On naming Rosie O’Donnell in the first GOP debate:

Rosie actually saved me because that was a rough question. So Rosie, finally you saved me. Because the room went wild. Between the laughing and the applause — it really stopped the rest of the question, which was just a continuation of “kill.” That was a question that could have ruined my whole evening.

On Caitlyn Jenner:

I knew him a little bit when Bruce was a great athlete. He was one of the best-looking people you’ll ever see.

On Rupert Murdoch:

I wouldn’t say friends, but we’ve been friendly. But he had some very evil tweets, and now they’ve been nice lately.

On Matt Drudge:

Matt Drudge is an amazing guy. Politically, one of the legends. He’s been so fair to me; he doesn’t want anything for himself.

On Maureen Dowd:

You have to understand Maureen — she’s a great person, she’s written a lot about me over the years. She did a big favor. She understands that I adore women. In a positive sense. I cherish women. Women are very important to me. I will take care of women and women’s health issues if I get in.

On CNN President Jeff Zucker:

Jeff is a friend of mine, but if I didn’t get ratings he would not have all Trump all the time. I kid him about it. He wants to do documentaries. I say, “Jeff, I don’t have time.” But when I go on, the meter jumps. He should pay me a fortune, right? They should all pay me for this. I’m doing this for nothing.

On Brian Williams:

I wasn’t a fan of Brian Williams. First of all, I think he made a terrible mistake. He handled the situation horribly, and he should have left with dignity and shouldn’t have gone back to work for the same company. For him to go from the parent to the poor sister [network] — and that’s not even the poor sister, that’s the poor baby. He has never treated me well, so I’m not a fan. How is he going to do? I think he’ll do fine. MSNBC is lucky to have him. But if I were in Brian’s shoes, I would never have gone back. I’m sure he doesn’t need the money.

On Stephen Colbert:

He asked me to be on his show, and I haven’t accepted yet, but he wanted me to be on the first show. You don’t know who Stephen Colbert is yet. Is he going to be the man that he was or is he going to be himself? But I think he’ll do well.

On the GOP debate beating Jon Stewart’s final show in the ratings:

I loved it. I have no problem with Jon Stewart. But it’s very interesting, I didn’t do his show.

On Bill Maher:

I like Bill Maher, too. Bill Maher has been in a certain way very respectful of me. In fact, a couple of months ago, before the polls started coming out, he said, “He’s not goin’ away.” Because he’s a smart guy. He gets me. He understands me.

On Tom Brady:

Tom Brady. Tom is an unbelievable guy. He’s a very good friend of mine. I have his number right here someplace. Whatever. Here, look, he just called me. (He holds up a Post-it that says “Tom Brady’s New Cell #.”)

On Bill Cosby:

I’ve never been a fan. I had one bad experience with him. I was on Letterman, and he was following me on the show. He said, “Oh, I want to buy you a suit.” It was nice, he bought me a suit. And then he was on [the Today show], and my name was mentioned, and he went absolutely crazy. And I said, “What the hell was that all about?” I was never a fan. His humor was always, like, slow and stupid to me. I never saw it. And then he’s obviously got this stuff. What amazes me is he was so quiet and then you see these depositions. What was he doing? Was he drunk? You see he admitted all this stuff on top of everything else. I think he’s weird. And I never found his humor good at all. Just sit in a chair, talk very slowly? And I say to myself, “What’s this all about?”

Watch video of Trump discussing Fox News and Megyn Kelly below, via THR:

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