Trump Supporter Allegedly Tries to Run Over Latino Dem Candidate (Who’s Also a Retired Marine)

wisconsin-madison-mall-parking-lot-650x433A Hispanic Democratic candidate for county commissioner in New Mexico was reportedly nearly struck by a woman in a parking lot after she yelled obscenities at him and his mother about Democrats.

This, according to the candidate himself: Sergio S. Gonzalez, who told The Associated Press that a Donald Trump supporter cornered him in the parking lot outside the Democratic Party headquarters in Roswell, New Mexico. Gonzalez, identified as a 39-year-old retired Marine, allegedly shouted the name of the Republican nominee before she tried strike him and his 72-year-old mother with her car.

“This lady came out of nowhere and started yelling every dirty word in the book at us,” Gonzalez recounted to the AP. “She drove away then came back.”

The woman allegedly yelled that the country was essentially going to hell as a result of the Democrats and that Donald J. Trump would fix it all.

The chairman of the Republican Party of Chaves County, New Mexico Jason Perry said of the situation, “We’re very sorry that Mr. Gonzalez had an incident that was from someone being unkind.”

Being unkind. OK.

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