Trump Supporter Eric Bolling Can’t Be Bothered With Silly Things Like Your Accurate Polling Data


The Five yesterday took on the topic of polling data in light of what is shaping up to perhaps be an absolute drubbing of Donald Trump both nationally and in just about every key battleground state. It’s an inconvenient truth for Trump supporters, and the cohosts of The Five admitted that the conservative media may not have been entirely truthful with its viewers in 2012 when many thought Mitt Romney was cruising to a big win despite evidence to the contrary.

Enter Eric Bolling, the unabashed Donald Trump enthusiast who has just about had it up to here with your nonsense polls regardless of how accurate they may be.

“These polls Dana… we gotta stop with these polls!” he said to cohost Dana Perino, who actually worked in a White House administration and may know just a thing or two about how this whole politics stuff works. “They’re insane with the polls!” he continued as Perino’s exasperated sigh can be heard off camera.

But Bolling has credible evidence to back up his claims that polls are sham. Just take a look at… wait for it… rally size.

“Look at a Trump rally! There’s 12, 15, — 10 thousand people!” he pushed to the disbelief of his colleagues.

Perino then proverbially sat Bolling down and took him to school. “That’s a real disservice to his supporters to lie to them that those polls don’t matter. You can not take 12,000 people at a rally that are your definite supporters, that are going to show up and campaign, and then say the polls are wrong.”

“Somebody sitting at home cancels out somebody sitting at a rally,” Greg Gutfeld said with a gutcheck.

“Size of crowds is more indicative of following,” Bolling continued, as the cameras effectively captured the bewildered expressions on the faces of all seated.

Juan Williams put the finishing touches on the Bolling Education segment by revealing that even Kellyanne Conway — the newly-installed campaign manager of the struggling Trump campaign — spoke with Fox News yesterday and admitting that, “the polls are right.”

Watch the above clip for Bolling’s hard-hitting argument. RALLIES > DATA!

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