Trump Supporter Goes on War Path Defending Candidate’s Use of ‘Pocahontas’

HughesTrump supporter Scottie Nell Hughes vehemently defended the presumptive GOP nominee’s use of the word “Pocahontas” to mock Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

During a heated panel discussion Friday afternoon, CNN host Ashleigh Banfield pressed Hughes to account for Trump’s persistent use of the name “Pocahontas” to make fun of Warren, who has been one of his most outspoken Democratic critics lately.

The racially-tinged nickname is a response to Warren’s controversial and unproved claim that she is part Native American.

Hughes defended the comments on the basis that Warren had allegedly misled the public about her heritage. “It has been proved time and time again” that Warren lied, Hughes averred.

Banfield countered that, notwithstanding Warren’s ancestry, it was considered by many inappropriate for a presidential candidate to lob “Pocahontas” as an epithet.

But Hughes gave no quarter. “She’s a senator! And she lied!” Hughes snarled at one point.

Hughes was the subject of an unsparing SNL parody a few weeks ago, which mocked her infamous capacity to champion and defend anything Trump says or does.

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