Trump Surrogate: Forget About the Tweet, Which Candidate Is ‘Better For the Actual Jews?’

BorisBrookeWhen asked how an anti-Semitic image appeared on Donald Trump’s Twitter, a campaign surrogate repeatedly refused to address the issue, and claimed that Trump was the best candidate “for the actual Jews.”

When asked how Trump’s official Twitter ended up broadcasting an image of a “corrupt” Hillary Clinton amid hundred-dollar bills and a red Star of David, Boris Epshteyn said, “I’m not gonna comment on that process. You’re gonna have to ask Mr. Trump. It’s his Twitter account. I will tell you —”

“You’re a surrogate,” CNN’s Brooke Baldwin quipped.

“It was corrected,” he continued, a nod to the fact that the campaign removed the tweet and replaced it with one that obscured the Star of David. “Let’s talk about real issues, such as ‘Who is better for the actual Jews?'” Epshteyn went on to say that Trump would be a better ally to Israel than Clinton.

Despite being asked repeatedly, Epshteyn refused to answer the question of why the tweet was deleted, if, as he claimed, it wasn’t anti-Semitic.

[image via screengrab]

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