Trump Thinks He Could Talk Kim Jong Un Out of Having Nukes

trumpDonald Trump has been bragging about his ability to make deals and negotiate with people like you wouldn’t believe throughout this campaign. But today he expressed a curious confidence that he could (for real) talk North Korea out of having nukes.

No, seriously.

Trump riffed about getting “peanuts” for the U.S.’ assistance to South Korea, hit back at the people who mocked him for saying he would meet with Kim Jong Un, and then he made this declaration:

“Who the hell cares? I’ll speak to anybody! Who knows? There’s a 10 percent or a 20 percent chance that I can talk him out of those damn nukes, ‘cause who the hell wants him to have those damn nukes?! And there’s a chance!”

You can watch above.

[image via screengrab]

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