Trump Touts Video of Colorado Supporter Burning His GOP Registration Form


Donald Trump may not want to watch the world burn, but he sure got a kick out of seeing a GOP registration form go up in flames.

See, Ted Cruz won decisively in Colorado this weekend, and Trump decried the entire thing as “crooked” (despite the fact that his campaign didn’t exactly do everything right).

But plenty of Trump supporters are outraged about the Colorado and are complaining about delegate dirty tricks. One of the Colorado delegates supporting Trump posted a video to YouTube literally setting fire to his GOP registration form in disgust.

And it didn’t take long for Trump to tweet it out:

Here’s more of what Trump has been saying about Colorado:

UPDATE –– 9:15 pm EST: It appears there’s more to this story. NBC News looked into the claims of the man in the video, Larry Wayne Lindsey, and found this:

[P]arty records show that lack of familiarity with the process is likely what ultimately what left him shutout of the statewide assembly, unable to fulfill his goal.

Becoming a national delegate in Colorado is a three-step process. Those interested had to show up to their March 1st precinct caucuses and get elected to become a delegate to their respective county assemblies, scheduled throughout the month…

But a sign-in sheet from his county’s March 19 assembly, the second step of the process where delegates were elected to the statewide assembly, reveals that Lindsey never showed up to that meeting, and an alternate signed in for him instead.

Lindsey still claimed to NBC News that he was misled by Cruz supporters.

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