Trump Trashes CNN: ‘Until They Straighten Up, I’m Not Doing Their Shows’

Donald Trump is pissed off at CNN today, and there are a couple of reasons why that might be the case.

Maybe it was Brian Stelter calling out a Trump surrogate or Fareed Zakaria calling Trump a “bullshit artist,” but whatever the case, he’s clearly pissed off:

And then, at a town hall in Columbus, Ohio this afternoon, he made this declaration:

“CNN is so dishonest. Clinton News Network. So dishonest. Unbelievable. You know what they call it? It may be the Clinton News Network, but nobody wants to watch Hillary. All day long it’s Trump. All day, all the time. But it’s so much inaccurate information, and by the way, I think their ratings are gonna go down really sharply now. They’ve been asking me to go on for months. I won’t do their shows. And the reason I won’t is because it’s so dishonest. Until they straighten up, I’m not doing their shows. And when people finally realize that I’m not doing their shows, they stop watching! That’s what happens!”

UPDATE –– 4:39 pm EDT: Key passage worth highlighting here in a write-up from Stelter on Trump’s CNN attacks:

The tweets came just a couple of hours before CNN was due to release a new national poll about the presidential race, leading to speculation that perhaps Trump was pre-emptively assailing CNN in an attempt to discredit the poll results.

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