Trump Tweets Thanks to Fox News Guest Who Defended Him from the ‘Hostile Press’

You may have noticed this afternoon that President Trump tweeted a shoutout to someone who appeared on Fox News:

Shawn Steel is currently the Republican National Committeeman for the state of California, and he appeared on Shepard Smith Reporting this afternoon talking to Gregg Jarrett about the war between the President and the press.

And in his TV appearance this afternoon, Steel called Trump the “great disruptor” who understands the media well. He said the establishment press has “lost credibility to such an extent… that they have far less credibility” than Trump does.

As for President Trump’s anti-CNN tweet yesterday, Steel argued that it’s dangerously overheated anti-Trump rhetoric becoming the serious problem. He also referenced personal attacks against Trump’s family and said what really scares the left and the “hostile press” is that his presidency might end up “succeeding.”

You can watch the full panel discussion above, via Fox News.

[image via screengrab]

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