Trump Tweets That Clinton Lacks ‘Self Respect’ Because She Didn’t Fire Podesta

screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-12-26-24-pmJohn Podesta had his emails hacked and they’re being released, bit by bit, by Wikileaks. He insulted reporters like CNN’s Jake Tapper and various presidential challengers of Hillary Clinton like Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama, which has brought the most attention to him. He and Neera Tanden also privately slammed the Democratic nominee for not making enough “positive news” while dragging other Clinton allies, too. Basically, as one would assume, the private emails of political operatives aren’t all sunshine and daisies.

Today, the GOP’s nominee, Donald Trump, tweeted this:

As a way to discredit Clinton, he claimed that if similar emails from his side came out and he learned people were insulting him, he’d fire them.

It is worth noting that even Sanders admitted that his own emails would be revealed to contain “less than flattering” things about Clinton.

[image: Gage Skidmore]

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