Trump Twitter-Trashes Scarborough, One of His Biggest Media Defenders


Donald Trump took to Twitter this afternoon to insult one of his biggest media defenders.

Who? None other than Joe Scarborough.

For some context here, while Scarborough has been critical of Trump and said yesterday he can’t vote for The Donald unless he changes his tune, he has gone out of his way to not only defend Trump (and offer him advice), but has expressed a not-so-thinly-veiled contempt for Trump’s critics and has taunted people for suggesting he’s in the tank.

National Review‘s Jonah Goldberg explained it thusly this week in a column titled “How Morning Joe Morphed into Mean Girls:

The Morning Joe crowd and others hide behind their transitory and evanescent criticisms of Trump as proof they are being objective, all the while insisting that such criticisms are irrelevant because Trump is the fleshy manifestation of an Idea Whose Time Has Come.

Hell, Trump himself called Scarborough a “supporter.”

But even though Scarborough defended him against Paul Ryan today, it’s possible Trump was still a little sore about his declaration yesterday:

Trump has also criticized Bill O’Reilly, the chief Trump “explainer” on cable news.

UPDATE –– 2:32 pm EST: Scarborough responded:

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