‘Trump Was Trump…and It Wasn’t Good For Him’: CNN Hands the Win to Clinton

screen-shot-2016-09-26-at-11-34-50-pm-650x439It’s not going well for Donald Trump in the post-debate analysis on the major networks. Almost everyone is saying that he could have done much better in everything from the choices he made about what to attack his opponent for to how much water he drank. (Somewhere, Marco Rubio feels vindicated.)

Here’s how it went for him on CNN:

Everyone on the big analysis panel pointed out that Trump didn’t do well. Jake Tapper criticized his choice of sticking points and Gloria Borger spoke against his failure to maintain his own stamina for 90 minutes but it was David Axelrod who simply said, “Trump was Trump…and it wasn’t good for him.”

Watch everyone share their opinions above.

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