Trump’s Anger Over Story That GOP Doesn’t Fear Him Reportedly Moved Him to Deal With Dems

President Donald Trump‘s recent string of dealmaking with top Democrats may have been motivated by a story from late June that indicates that the GOP isn’t afraid of him.

On Thursday, Washington Post reporter Robert Costa tweeted that sources from the White House told him the Republican Party’s ‘lack of fear’ of the president is a reason why he has decided to cozy up with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

Costa also pointed to a June 27 WaPo article he co-wrote, which Trump apparently “hated.”

The article, called “Who’s afraid of Trump? Not enough Republicans — at least for now,” goes into detail about the Trump administration’s struggle to pass health care reform in the summer and that in private conversations, Republicans on Capitol Hill have said that Trump “is often not taken seriously” and some considered his threats as “empty,concluding that crossing the president poses little danger.”

Last week, Trump gave Democrats a victory in the debt ceiling battle and this week it seems he was siding with Pelosi and Schumer on a DACA deal that does not include funding for the border wall.


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