Trump’s Fan Retweeting Backfires, Accidentally Retweets Photo of a Murderer


Only one week ago, Donald Trump ran into trouble online when he tweeted a picture of himself that might’ve appeared patriotic, if it wasn’t for the Nazi soldiers also featured. Trump quickly took the picture down and said the picture was made by an intern, but if that intern is still in control of his account, he set off another gaffe late last night.

The tycoon plutocrat has been under fire since Saturday for his comments about John McCain‘s military record, and he took to Twitter in order to retweet those singing his praises:

Soon afterwards, Trump retweeted a response from someone claiming to be the son of a Vietnam War veteran who supported him:

Not long after Trump retweeted the photo, however, several people, including CNN’s Chris Moody, pointed out that something was very, very wrong about the man in the photo:

The tweet has, of course, since been deleted.

Jeffrey MacDonald was a doctor, and he was an officer in the army, but he is also serving three life sentences for the brutal murder of his wife and two daughters.

[h/t The Guardian]
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