Trump’s New Campaign Manager Whines: ‘We’ll Never Have the Money’ Clinton Has

The whole reason Donald Trump rose to fame in the 1980s was that he had money. He has been known for his money for decades, but that money has also been a mysterious source of confusion. During his Comedy Central roast five years ago, the only types of jokes that he said were off-limits were any that insinuated he isn’t as rich as he says he is. His net worth is disputed from magazine to magazine. There are rumors that he isn’t releasing his tax returns because they would prove he lies about his worth. Some say his campaign is broke. He himself has gone back and forth between insisting he will self-fund his campaign and soliciting donations.

This morning, Kellyanne Conway was named the new campaign manager for Trump and she went on Fox News to explain why:

While talking about her boss — a man who has claimed to have “unlimited cash” with which to fund his campaign — Conway said, “We’ll never have the money and we’ll have have the man power that Hillary Clinton has in Brooklyn but we don’t need it because quality candidates matter and people want a dynamic, honest messenger in their presidential candidates that they can trust.”

We’ll just leave this right here, then:

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