Trump’s Security Escorted a Group of Black Students From a Rally for No Discernible Reason


Yesterday, during a Donald Trump rally in Valdosta, Georgia, a group of approximately 30 black university students was escorted from the event before it even began, in spite of the fact that they were sitting quietly, waiting to hear the candidate speak.

Valdosta University had a white-only campus until 1963, so racial tensions aren’t exactly far removed from the institution.

Student Tahjila Davis cried as she told the camera what happened, saying, “I guess people — what’s going on in America, they’re afraid that we’re gonna say something or do something, but we just wanted to watch the rally.”

Former governor of Virginia, Douglas Wilder, was on CNN to condemn the actions of the Secret Service members responsible, as if yesterday wasn’t already bad enough for them. Recall that at this same rally, a Secret Service member choke-slammed a photojournalist for Time. Further, once the students had been removed and the rally was underway, Black Lives Matter protesters did interrupt the proceedings.

“No, we’re not in a post-racial era,” he said. “These students, in my judgment, were there to participate in their government. Now, let’s assume they may have even violated some of the protocol. Don’t put them out! Don’t deny them! Give them the opportunity to participate in what has been described as ‘The American Dream.’ Let’s not make it a dream; let’s make it a reality.”

Campaign spokesperson Hope Hicks simply said, “There is absolutely zero truth to that,” when responding to allegations that the students had been removed for being black. With all of the drama surrounding Trump and the KKK right now, this particular gaffe seems especially inopportune.

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