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Trump’s Webpage Raising Money ‘For Vets’ Sends Funds to Trump’s Foundation

TrumpPageWhen Donald Trump decided to blow off Thursday night’s debate in favor of launching his own rival event, many were dubious.

It was a hastily planned affair, which, one night before it was to take place, apparently had nothing scheduled. Pundits blasted Trump for what they described as a cynical ploy, using people’s concern for veterans as an excuse to hurt Fox News’s ratings. And mere hours before the event Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson could not name a single veterans’ group receiving money from the event. Which is just as well, since several veterans groups have made clear their intention to reject Trump’s money.

The webpage for soliciting donations — — claims to have raised over $240,000 “today.” Washington Post reports that the nonprofit (which has existed since 1988) historically “hasn’t given a lot to veterans or veterans groups” and that in one day it raised more money than Trump himself contributed from 2009 to 2013.

Media outlets continued to refer to Trump’s event as a “veterans’ benefit” late Thursday afternoon — not another campaign rally and certainly not a mercenary attempt to poach viewers away from Fox News. Trump’s event is set to air on C-Span in full, and CNN has said they will cover it.

[h/t The Federalist]

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