Tucker Carlson Confronts Paul Ryan: Why Is the House Only Working 8 Days in April?

Speaker Paul Ryan spent most of his interview with Fox’s Tucker Carlsontonight defending the American Health Care Act, but Carlson also pressed Ryan on why more hasn’t gotten done by the GOP-led Congress to enact the agenda they and President Trump promised.

He compared what Republicans have gotten done up to this point compared to what Democrats did up to this point 8 years ago. Ryan insisted that plenty has gotten done so far, with Obama-era regulations already being repealed.

Trump’s first 100 days comes to an end in late April, and as Carlson pointed out tonight, the House is only in session for 8 days in April.

He asked why, with everything they’re trying to accomplish, they would have so few days in session.

Ryan insisted that they are still getting a lot done, plus they want to walk to their constituents. Carlson countered that there is a new administration in charge now that isn’t getting much through Congress yet.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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