Tucker Carlson Grills Buzzfeed’s Editor-in-Chief on Decision To Publish Dossier

Ben Smith, editor of “failing pile of garbage” Buzzfeed, appeared on Fox News tonight to talk to Tucker Carlson about his site’s decision to publish that dossier. He’s explained the decision multiple times, been raked over the coals on all manner of networks, and even had his choice questioned by Carlson before, but Smith was back for what felt like Round 282 tonight.

He pointed out that his decision to publish a dossier that was being spoken about among high-ranking government officials and alluded to by some was really no different than what Matt Drudge did by breaking the Monica Lewinsky story.

“I think you make some smart points,” conceded Carlson. “I’m for openness. I’m for transparency. But by setting yourself up as a champion of press freedom, you’re being slightly disingenuous…”

He explained that Smith and Buzzfeed might be “hiding behind” journalistic standards when, in fact, they were being partisan and anti-Donald Trump. Carlson himself has faced similar allegations.


Watch the whole thing above.

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