Tucker Carlson Slams CNN (Again) Over Retraction: ‘Seems Like a Crisis Point For That Network’

It appears that Fox News’ Tucker Carlson wasn’t content to just devote one night to going after CNN over its retraction of a story involving the Russia probe and the subsequent resignation of three journalists involved in the story.

A night after ripping CNN over the controversy, saying they are “no longer a news organization,” the Fox News host used his opening monologue to once again go on a tear against the competing cable news channel.

After hyping James O’Keefe’s undercover tape of a CNN producer criticizing his channel’s Russia coverage, Carlson went after the retracted piece and CNN for publishing it. He then wondered aloud why the media’s “watchdogs” didn’t catch the story right away.

“They were hypnotized by their own preconceptions,” Carlson stated, answering his own rhetorical question. “The story confirms their biases. Therefore it has to be the truth, even when it wasn’t.”

Finishing up his spiel, the commentator welcomed on The Hill’s (and Mediaite alum) Joe Concha to discuss by asking him the following question: “This seems like a crisis point for that network?”

Carlson went on to claim that it represented another “illustration of editorial corruption.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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