Tucker Carlson to Alex Jones: Obama Admin’s Racial Politics ‘Like Nazi Stuff’

tucker alex jonesTucker Carlson called into Alex Jones‘ show today to talk about Democratic identity politics. Jones went off on how liberals and the “Soros people” are betting everything on social unrest, class warfare, a “soft civil war”, et cetera.

Carlson said that’s became identity politics work well for liberals, because it diverts attention from what really matters. Political debates can be resolved, Carlson pointed out, but “if we’re divided by ethnicity, that’s not resolvable, that’s permanent.”

He went after the Obama administration in particular by saying, “They categorize people by race in a way that… 30 years ago, you would have said, ‘Wait a second, that’s like Nazi stuff!'”

Jones said they’re trying to “fundamentally destabilize the country,” while Carlson said they “see each group as distinct with distinct needs to be pandered to” instead of as a whole, which is bad.

You can watch the video below, via InfoWars:

[h/t Media Matters]
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