Tucker Carlson to Step Down as Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Caller

tucker-carlsonThe Daily Caller founder Tucker Carlson announced Sunday that he was stepping down from his editorial role at the website while remaining the site’s owner.

Fox News announced earlier this month that Carlson was taking over the 7 P.M. slot recently vacated by the departure of Fox host Greta Van Susteran. There were questions about whether Carlson would retain his day-to-day maintenance of TheDC, but Carlson put those questions to rest in an interview with his colleague Howard Kurtz Sunday.

“In taking on this expanded role at Fox, you are now having to give up your manager role at The Daily Caller,” Kurtz said.

“Yeah, it was really hard,” Carlson confirmed. “Not because I’m a great manager; I’m a terrible manager. I’m a big picture guy.”

“But I loved it and I loved the guys.. And so yeah, I’ll miss them. I still preside over the Christmas party,” he joked.

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