TV Anchor Sends Out Breaking Bad-Themed Tweet About Real Life Shooting

Is there anything Breaking Bad *doesn’t* relate to?

Fox 29’s Joyce Evans managed to shoehorn the just-concluded show into a tweet about a shooting in Philadelphia that that killed one and wounded at least five:

After the predictable response on Twitter— “What the hell is wrong with you?”/”Attention whore!” —Evans argued that she’d meant to contrast the real-life events with the “TV ending” of the show:

This humble scribe has not watched the series finale of The Ballad of Walter White, but nonetheless doesn’t think it quite has the consoling plot resolutions of yer stereotypical “TV ending.” At any rate, this is what’s “hotter” than Breaking Bad, according to Evans:

Police say a group of men were standing on the corner outside of Los Papi Deli, a grocery store, when two gunmen opened fire.

Forty to 50 shots were fired.

One of the six men shot was pronounced dead at the scene. He was 23-years-old. Police said he was known to them, but they were not elaborating.

[h/t Gawker]

[Image via Twitter, PostGrad]

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