TV Judge Joe Brown About His Arrest: ‘Not Happy to Have My Liberty Detained’

Judge Joe Brown was arrested in Memphis recently for disorderly conduct in court, and he’s already speaking out in a new interview with ABC News. He says the arrest has “reenergized” him, and railed against the “loss of liberty” he suffered for his outburst. He tells ABC, “I was not happy to have my liberty detained even for 30 seconds.”

Brown assisted a woman in her child support case and “felt nauseated” that charges were filed against her in the first place, so he really spoke his mind. And it landed him in jail. He explains, “They were getting ready to take me upstairs [to a cell] and I said, ‘Oh no you’re not! Because you put your sheriff in complicity for what I might do to sue you and it’s getting doubled if I go up there.'”

Brown, who is currently running for political office in Tennessee, denies the outburst was part of a publicity stunt, saying, “Considering my ratings and the fact that I’ve been coming into the homes of just about everybody with a TV set in Shelby County for about 15 years, what was there to promote?”

You can watch ABC’s report on Brown’s arrest below:

ABC US News | ABC Business News

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