TV Segment About Trump Blows Up: ‘Piers, You Drink His Bath Water!’

This morning on London’s Good Morning BritainEric Guster, a judge from Alabama, appeared as a guest to talk about Donald Trump‘s joint address to Congress. He was there to face off against conservative pundit Kristin Tate, but ended up going after Piers Morgan himself.

The segment started out mundane enough. Tate praised Trump’s speech, giving him an “A+++” and saying he was “strong, yet presidential” while he “tried to bring unity.” Guster, meanwhile, said that Trump did a great job… at being an actor.

It went on predictably until Guster compared Trump’s actions to Adolf Hitler‘s. Morgan stopped him, but Guster brushed him off with, “Piers, you drink his bathwater so you think everything he does is great, but you’re wrong.”

“I do not drink Donald Trump’s bath water, though I’m sure it tastes delicious,” Morgan corrected him.

Guster wasn’t convinced and suggested that Morgan drinks “the Kool-Aid” instead.

Watch above.

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