Tweet and Delete: A Look at the Online Response to Ailes’ (Maybe) Ouster From Fox News


Confirmation that Roger Ailes was officially out at Fox News came this afternoon and it came, of all places, from Drudge Report, which had notably been avoiding covering Gretchen Carlson‘s allegations of sexual assault against Ailes. Drudge tweeted (then deleted!) this:

The actual site now runs the headline “AILES FOXNEWS DRAMA” but the only “Foxnews Drama” it makes reference to is a statement from the former CEO swearing he never harassed Megyn Kelly, as reports have indicated.

Some non-Drudge outlets have gotten confirmation and run with it…

…but still other outlets have heard conflicting reports:

Right now on CNN, an ongoing discussion is taking place as anchors and pundits wait to hear if Ailes really is officially gone yet. Over on Twitter, armchair critics (and the occasional journalist) have thrown due diligence out the window or, at the very least, are documenting their long, anxious wait for confirmation.

(Get it?)

Seriously, no one knows if this guy is in or out, but this speculative period sure is fun.

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