Tweet For Every Occasion? In 2012, Trump Claimed Obama’s Response to Sandy Was ‘Worse Than Katrina’

President Donald Trump got his Saturday started by lashing out at San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz for slamming the federal response to Hurricane Maria, claiming Puerto Rican victims want everything done for them, and blaming the “Fake News Media” for not showing the good job his administration was doing on the ground.

It is clearly apparent that Trump is unhappy with criticism his administration has taken over its slow response to the humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico. His anger likely grew overnight due to a Friday evening story by the Washington Post that reported that after Maria hit Puerto Rico, Trump spent four days at his golf resort and didn’t take any meetings on the issue, instead focusing his attention on his feuds with the NFL and Kim Jong-un.

However, while Trump doesn’t like the way people are framing his response to Maria, back in 2012, Trump certainly had no problem hammering the then-president for how he handled the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy:

Interestingly, ten days after Maria decimated Puerto Rico, almost the entire island is still without power and there is a huge outcry for fuel from the citizens.

There really is a Trump tweet for everything.

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