Twitter Blasts Trump for ‘Blaming’ Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria Destruction: ‘The F*cking Gall’

President Trump is getting a lot of blowback on Twitter after he decided to weigh in on Puerto Rico’s devastation by commenting about the island’s debt and infrastructure problems.

It’s been five days since Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, and all signs indicate that the storm caused catastrophic levels of destruction across the island. Since the Puerto Rico’s utility services and bureaucracy have been almost completely wiped out, many political observers expected that the territory’s restoration would become a pressing concern for the Trump Administration.

As Trump dedicated the last few days to his feud with athletes who kneel during the National Anthem, he took criticism from those who wanted him to say something to acknowledge Puerto Rico’s crisis. A short time ago, Trump tweeted his thoughts about the storm’s impact.

Since Trump decided to address Puerto Rico’s situation by talking about their debt and bureaucratic woes, the Twitterverse was outraged and viewed this statement as a form of victim blaming in the middle of an emergency.

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