Twitter Fail: Kenneth Cole Said What About ‘Boots on the Ground’?

Designer Kenneth Cole apparently just can’t help himself on Twitter. More than two years ago, when the Arab Spring was raging in Cairo, Cole suggested it may have been because their “new spring collection is now available online.” And now he’s at it again.

This afternoon, Cole sent this tweet to their more than 55,000 followers, capitalizing on the latest debate over “boots on the ground” in Syria:

The tweet has drawn the outrage the designer only could have expected from the Twitter community, with many people replying in disgust.

Cole indicates in his Twitter bio that his “tweets are not representative of the corporate @kennethcoleprd feed,” a point that is unlikely to diminish any negative blowback from comments like this one. Of course, Cole is knowingly courting controversy and counting on the idea that all publicity is good publicity.

Curiously, Cole may have had some hidden inspiration for his “boots on the ground” tweet. On last night’s Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert made a very similar joke during an interview with The New Yorker’s Steve Coll.

“Obama says ‘no boots on the ground.’ Could that be semantics?” Colbert asked Coll. “Could their be crocs on the ground? Or open toed sandals on the ground?”

Watch video below, via Comedy Central:

The Colbert Report
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