Twitter Hates This Awful Wax Statue of Beyonce, and Rightfully So

On Monday, this…thing showed up on Twitter:

Yes, that’s theoretically supposed to be Beyonce. Going by photos on TripAdvisor, the museum in question is Louis Tussaud Waxworks in Niagara Falls, Ontario. The customer who was appalled by the same Beyonce statue titled his review “Ok attraction, awful lookalikes!” and gave this summation of the museum’s art:

The exhibition itself had lots of variety to prevent you from getting bored but the waxworks themselves were awful! Definitely not the standard of Madam Tussauds. They look more like first attempts that were not accepted and therefore sent here! You can see from the pics; Madonna, Beyoncé, Julia Roberts, Harrison Ford, Will Ferrell, Ellen Degeneres, Queen Elizabeth II, Kate Middleton, Shania Twain, Hilary Clinton. Now that you have seen how bad they are, I would save yourself the money in going!

Before long, it was discovered that there was a near-identical wax figure in Amsterdam, with similarly questionable wardrobe:

The initial tweet went viral, drawing in a lot of snarky (but justified) replies:

Others chimed in with different renditions of Beyonce from other wax museums, some of which were even worse:

It would be interesting to know what Beyonce herself thinks about these three-dimensional renditions of her visage.

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