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Twitter Laughs as Trump Cuts Literal Red Tape With XL Scissors: ‘Beyond Parody’

President Donald Trump took a pair of extra large, cartoonish scissors to a band of literal red tape today as a way of demonstrating his administration’s efforts in cutting back government regulations.

The White House believes their effort to remove two regulations for every new regulation is boosting the economy, which led Trump to boast about the 1,100 regulations that have been removed since the beginning of his presidency. With his first year in office coming to a close, pundits and critics have started debating what exactly the current administration has been able to accomplish — with health care reform dead and tax reform still being debated — so the president was sure to add a number of self-congratulatory statements regarding his effort to cut bureaucratic tape.

As another visual aide, Trump presented what regulations were in place during 1960 — demonstrated by a relatively small stack of papers — to what regulations look like today, which was represented by a massive tower of white papers. For his grand photo op, the president was awarded with plenty of memes and jokes from Twitter as a number of journalists and commentators laughed at the spectacle:

[image via screengrab]

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