Twitter Lights Up Amid News of Cohen Plea Deal: ‘Hubris: The Michael Cohen Story’


News broke this afternoon that Michael Cohen, Trump’s former attorney and “fixer”, has arrived at a plea deal with prosecutors in New York. Cohen has been the subject of much speculative bashing on Fox News since severing a prior hands-off arrangement with Trump’s current attorneys (previously he was beloved), and the subject of much “the hero we need” speculation on the other cable networks (previously he was beclowned).

So when the news came down that he was cutting a deal, Twitter unleashed.

Above, Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro is anticipating a Tweetpocalypse, presumably (and probably correctly) meaning tweets from President Trump. But there is no need to wait for Armageddon. You can get the previews from the people tweeting right now.

For example, pulling up old Cohen tweets:

Just brutal. Also there was his highlight reel:

And of course, the usual complement of “of the moment” reactions.

Naturally, there was this.

There were other predictions like Shapiro’s.

And this amazing thought that is not out of the realm of possibility.

We’ll see what happens, but expect Twitter takes to increase in intensity as the day continues with the Cohen plea and a possible Manafort verdict.

Apocalypse indeed. Now.

Okay one more for the road:

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