Twitter Mocks Trump’s Rejection of Joint Debate Letter with #TrumpDemands


Donald Trump seems to have gone rogue again, reportedly having decided that instead of signing the joint letter on the debate reforms put forward by the other candidates, he’s going to demand that every hosting network agree to his own set of terms.

When representatives from various Republican campaigns met yesterday to discuss taking control of the format of future TV debates, it was seen as a revolt against the media for the widely-panned CNBC debate, as well as the efforts of the Republican National Committee. Now, it seems the frontrunner is determined to get his own way again after his representatives would not endorse the letter put forward during the meeting.

Of course, since Twitter can’t let something like this go to waste, the Internet has decided to speculate on what kinds of ridiculous requests Trump could have for any network that wants him on:

[image via Twitter]

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